How to Grow Ixiolirion Bulbs

This dainty subject flowers from the end of May onwards producing on thin, stiff 12 to 16-in. Tall stems, a number of handsome, rich, violet-blue tubular flowers, in form much like open hyacinth flowers.

Ixiolirions like warm, sheltered positions and rich well-drained sandy soils. Plant 3 in. deep and 3 to 4 in. apart in October where they can be left undisturbed. Like ixia, they appreciate protective covering in the winter. They make the most elegant cut flowers—showy and long lasting.

Of the few species ‘available, lxiolirion pallasii is the most outstanding. It produces lovely large flowers of violet-blue tinged with rose, with a darker coloured band down the centre of each segment. They flower profusely out of doors from the end of May. For cultivation in the cool greenhouse, grow them just as you would ixias.


08. July 2011 by admin
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