How to Grow Ixia (South African Corn Lilies)

The African Corn Lilies are very free flowering, producing long graceful racemes of blooms in a wide range of brilliant colours on strong, wiry 16 to 18-in. stems. Flowering out of doors in June—July, each stem carries six or more flowers of striking beauty, most having a prominent dark centre. The narrow grassy foliage is an added attraction and it complements the flowers.

There is a beautiful mixture available in shades of yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. Plant out of doors about the end of October or November, 3 in. deep and 3 in. apart in a sandy loam and in a sunny position where they can be left undisturbed. In cold winters provide a cover of straw or bracken to protect the top growth.

For late spring or early-summer flowering, plant ixias between September and November, five to seven corms to a 6-in. pot in a mixture of sand, leafmould and good garden soil. The pots should then be buried to their rims in peat or ashes in a frame or in the shelter of a wall and protected from frost by glass or straw. In February, when the shoots appear, they can be brought into a cool greenhouse and placed on a sunny shelf. They like a fresh, cool atmosphere and should be kept moist by regular watering.


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