How to Grow Calabrese

How to Grow Calabrese

How to Grow Calabrese

There’s always confusion surrounding the difference between calabrese and broccoli. This calabrese (also called American broccoli) is the quick-growing, green headed brassica that matures in the summer and early autumn. An invaluable, quick and easily grown summer vegetable. Depending on the Sowing time, it may be had from May/June until September/October.


Soil requirements

To ensure the quick growing that is necessary for calabrese to be at its best, the soil should be fertile with plenty of organic matter in it, but not so firm that the roots have to struggle.

Possible yield

1-2lb (0.5-0.9kg).

Time from Sowing to harvest

About 3 months with cropping, continuing for possibly another 3 months.


‘Green Comet’, ‘Corvet’, ‘BeIstar.


Should be sown where the plants are to mature. Transplanting can induce small heads and early bolting. Sow from late March to early July for succession.


Keep weeds and all competition to a minimum to ensure steady growth and quick maturity. Water as required during the summer.

Pests and diseases

As for Brussels sprouts, although pigeons are unlikely to be troublesome.


Cut the heads when they are large but before there is a hint of them breaking up. They freeze well so mature heads should never be allowed to remain unpicked. Secondary heads will soon develop so the plants should be left where they are unless the ground is wanted for something more important.



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