How to Grow Anemone

Among the many species of anemone in cultivation none is more easy to grow than the hardy Anemone nemorosa, often called the Wood Anemone and a native of the British Isles. While they are quite happy at the front of the ordinary flower border or rock garden, they are really seen at their best growing on grassy slopes and banks, preferably where some shade is afforded during the day. Even the finely cut, hairy leaves are ornamental and the rose-tinged white flowers, growing on 5 to 6-in. stems, are often 11 in. in diameter. They make a really bright show during April and May. There are several admirable varieties including alba major, large white; alleni, soft lavender blue; Royal Blue, rich lavender blue; and robinsoniana, with silvery-lavender flowers and prominent yellow anthers.

The Poppy Anemone, A. coronaria, has varieties with showy flowers in shades of pink, red and blue in spring and early summer. Two excellent strains — the St Brigid and de Caen have been bred from it.

The St Brigid anemones are of very graceful habit with large semi-double flowers all showing a blue-black central base. Greatly prized for cutting, they grow 10 in. high and the mixture contains many good hues. The de Caen anemones have large single flowers in mainly red and blue shades and also make splendid cut flowers.

Anemone nemorosa should be planted 2 in. deep in a rather leafy or peaty soil in September or October. Anemone coronaria and its strains should be given a good, fairly rich, well-drained soil in a sheltered sunny place and be planted from October to April to achieve a succession of flowers. The tubers should be soaked for a few hours before they are planted 2 in. deep and 4 in. apart. Early plantings should be protected in winter with a scattering of peat or chopped straw. The tubers should either be lifted when the foliage dies down in the summer and stored or left undisturbed and protected during the winter.


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