How to Grow Acidanthera

Natives of Ethiopia, acidantheras have adapted themselves admirably to our climate and have proved to be strong and rapid growers. From late July into October, Acidanthera bicolor murielae produces a succession of large white fragrant flowers with maroon blotches at their centres. Five or six flowers usually open at one time on each 2 to 3-ft. stem. The foliage resembles that of gladioli and for this reason they were once thought to be scented gladioli. They are superb for cutting and will last a long time especially when picked in bud.

For the best results the corms should be planted in mid-May about 3 in. deep and about 6 in. apart. They prefer a position in full sun and to be sheltered from the wind. They are resistant to rain and are particularly charming in a bed of mixed summer bulbs or in a south-facing border. They like a light well-drained soil and appreciate the addition of leafmould or thoroughly decomposed manure.


07. July 2011 by admin
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