History of the Rose

History of the Rose

The rose has a history as long and confusing as life itself. Fossilized remains, estimated at more than three million years old, are said to have been of Rosa damascena, the damask rose. But some historians claim that the damask is a descendant of Rosa alba, which traditionally is white but has a disconcerting knack of sometimes appearing pink (hence its other names of the ‘White Rose of York’ and ‘Maiden’s Blush’).

The truth is that nobody really knows much about the origin of the rose. All we can say with certainty is that roses grew wild and flourished throughout most areas of the world many thousands of years ago and there is no sign that we are growing tired of them yet.


moss rose 'Henri Martin' Indeed, the art of rose cultivation is a comparatively modern one, only two or three centuries old, so we have much to learn from and about the rose. This may explain an impelling urge to produce new varieties, new strains, new colours to meet the public demand for something new and spectacular every year. Always, or almost always, there is at least one new variety clearly destined to earn fame and fortune, but it must be admitted that every year also there are some newcomers that have only novelty and a different name to distinguish them from others just as good.

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