Guide to Growing Kiwi Fruit

To be honest, and despite what is frequently said and written about them, kiwi fruit are in the same category of hardiness as grapes. If you live in the south, you may be lucky and take a crop off them occasionally, but more often than not, and certainly elsewhere, you will not.

To emphasise this, the only place in the UK where they are grown commercially is in the Channel Isles; and even there they have to be grown in heated greenhouses.

'Hayward' Kiwi FruitKiwis need post and wire supports and, if grown outside, provision must be made to protect them from spring frosts and, indeed, from very cold winter weather. Male and female plants have to be grown together to get fruit and, naturally, only the female will carry the fruit. However, there is now a variety, Jenny, that is much handier because the flowers are normal, in that each flower has male and female ‘bits’.

Spur pruning is required to keep the plants in check and to encourage fruiting.

Hayward (female) is the most fruitful variety. Tomah (male) is a good pollinator and flowers at the same time.

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