Growing Oxalis Bulbs

The name means sharp or sour, referring to the bitter taste of some of the leaves. Many, but not all, species have tuberous rootstocks. All like congenial conditions and a well-drained soil in a sunny situation.

Oxalis adenophylla is a first-class plant grown in gritty soil in pots or in the rock garden, where its crinkled foliage and rose-pink, semi cup-shaped flowers on 3-in. stems appear from May to July.

Oxalis deppei, the roots of which are edible, is coppery red and should be divided regularly in October. It never fails to attract attention, whether grown in pots or in the garden.

Oxalis enneaphylla, white, is absolutely hardy and very attractive, with fan-shaped, much divided leaves and lovely waxy-white flowers.

Oxalis floribunda, or rosea, is the common species with bright pink flowers. It is of very invasive habit and must therefore be kept in its place.



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