Growing Orchids: Watering and Feeding Orchids

Don’t water orchids with very cold or limy (hard) water. Preferably keep a tank of rainwater inside the greenhouse, where it will remain tepid. Don’t use rainwater from an outside water butt; it can contain small pests and disease spores. When rainwater is not available, use tap water. But if your tap-water is limy, first boil it and let it cool.

Whenever the compost has become reasonably dry, water thoroughly until it is saturated. Do not water if the compost is already moist. If humidity is high, weekly watering is enough.

To water hanging plants, take them down and immerse them in a bowl of water until bubbles stop rising from the compost.

After orchids have been in the same compost for over a year, feed them with a liquid fertilizer about once a fortnight during the growing season — late spring to late summer Water the plants first, as fertilizer can damage dry roots.

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