Growing Orchids: Providing Support

Some orchids, such as Cattleya and Dendrobium, can be top-heavy, and need support after potting until they have produced strong new roots. Insert a cane at the back of each plant. This should stand as tall as the eventual height of the plant.

Pass a piece of green string around two or three of the rear growths, halfway up, and tie it to the stake. Repeat with the other growths.
Cattleya aurea

Cattleya aurea (Photo credit: Native Orchids)

Flowers: that grow on tall thin stems — such as those of some slipper orchids (Paphiopedilum) — can be supported by means of galvanized wire. Bend the wire into a U-shape at the end, and then bend the U over at right angles. The U-shape then holds the stem upright. Support long, arching flower spikes by inserting a cane at an angle, and fixing the stem to it with pieces of raffia.
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