Growing Nerine Bulbs in the Greenhouse

These are bulbous plants which give a brilliant display with the minimum of trouble. They do not require much heat; in fact, nerines will flourish so long as frost can be excluded from the greenhouse and they are given plenty of air and sunshine.

The bulbs should be planted in August or early September in 3-1/2 or 4-in. pots according to their size. Use a well-drained soil mixture containing silver sand and bonemeal, while the addition of decayed manure will be helpful. Plant so that just the neck of the bulbs is left exposed and keep the compost moist without being wet.

The blooms develop quickly, appearing in September and October before the foliage is seen. Keep the bulbs supplied with moisture after the flowers are over, for this encourages the development of the foliage on which largely depends the flowering display the following season. About the middle of May the leaves turn yellow and watering should then be gradually reduced and the bulbs allowed to ripen in their pots. Repotting is only necessary every third year.


The majority of nerines produce their umbels of brilliantly coloured flowers on 12 to 18-in. stems. Nerine sarniensis, the Guernsey Lily, has pink flowers speckled with gold when seen in the sunlight. Nerine flexuosa has large heads of pale pink flowers, while Nerine crispa (undulate) is another first-class pink species. Nerine bowdenii is carmine pink and one of the hardiest varieties, sometimes being planted out of doors in sheltered positions such as at the base of a wall. The florets have tiny golden spots on the petals which glisten in the sun.

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