Growing Montbretia

Of South African origin, these produce small graceful arching spikes of bloom. Each corm produces from July to September up to three spikes of tubular flowers in yellow, orange, copper and red combinations. Best planted in groups in the mixed border, they are ideal for cutting. Emily McKenzie is remarkable for its florets which are at least 21 in. in diameter, the colour being golden orange marked chestnut scarlet. The large-flowered mixed montbretias are well worth growing, as are the Earlham Hybrids.

All montbretias like a deep well-drained loamy soil to which leafmould has been added. Plant the corms 2 to 3 in. deep in sheltered positions in the autumn, or elsewhere in the early spring. Except in cold wet soil, it is not essential to lift the corms annually but do provide a protective covering.

08. July 2011 by admin
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