Growing Fritillaria Bulbs

Fritillaria meleagris, the Snake’s Head Fritillary, is a native of Britain and it may still be found growing wild in some districts. It is suitable for growing under trees or naturalising in grass and it will considerably brighten up dull places. A mixture of Fritillaria meleagris (see below) provides an effective show varying in height from 9 to 12 in. Separate varieties are sometimes available including a dark claret purple which is prettily mottled, and alba which is pure white, while there are a number of purple and rose varieties. Less common is the variety contorta with white blooms on 4-in. stems which are mottled an unusual bronzy shade. Fritillaria citrina has graceful flowers of pale lemon yellow with bronze shading.

Fritillaria imperialis is the Crown Imperial. It has attractive shiny green leaves, the drooping large bell-shaped flowers appearing at the top of the 3 to 3-½-ft. stems, surmounted by a tuft of green foliage. Attractive colours are available including coppery red and yellow, while Orange Brilliant is a handsome variety with large, orange-buff flowers. Aurora, at 4 ft., produces flowers with petals which are orange outside with a golden-yellow interior, at the end of March and during April.



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