Growing Freesias in the Greenhouse

This South African genus has long been valued as a greenhouse flowering plant, particularly for its grace and fragrance. The colour range is extremely wide, and most flowers are beautifully scented.

Freesias do best when grown in pots or boxes rather than in bowls and planting should be done from August onwards. With a temperature of 15 to 18°C. it should be possible to have flowers from the end of December onwards. A suitable planting mixture consists of 4 parts loam and 1 part each of silver sand, rotted manure and leafmould, or the John Innes composts can be used.

After planting, stand the pots in a cold frame or sheltered position and water sparingly. When top growth is seen, the plants can be gradually introduced into warmth but too much heat causes blindness. As soon as the flower spikes develop, feeds of liquid manure at ten-day intervals will be helpful.

Freesias can also be raised from seed which, if sown in a temperature of 15 to 18 °C. early in the year, will produce highly scented flowers within six or seven months. Seed should be sown thinly directly into pots or boxes of sandy compost, but the seedlings should not be transplanted since they do not stand this treatment well.


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