Growing Cyclamen in the Greenhouse

Cyclamen persicum is among the showiest of all winter and spring-flowering greenhouse and living-room plants. Even when not in bloom, the modern giant forms are attractive, with their handsome, often silvered foliage. If you have a cool greenhouse from which frost can be excluded, there is no difficulty in growing cyclamen.

Corms can be started into growth from July onwards. Plant them concave side upwards and leave the top exposed. They are best started in 3-½-in. pots for this lessens the risk of overwatering. As growth proceeds, move to 5-in. pots, which should be well crocked. The John Innes No. 3 compost is quite suitable, and so are the peat-based composts. After potting, leave the plants in a cold frame, keeping the compost moist and the frame closed until growth starts. Then give more ventilation and keep the pots shaded.

Towards the end of September, bring them into the greenhouse where the temperature remains between 10 and 12°C. keep the compost moist, giving good soakings when needed rather than daily sprinklings. Bad drainage soon spoils the plants. When removing discoloured foliage and faded flowers, pull out the stems close to the corms, otherwise decay may set in. After flowering, much less moisture is needed, but it is not essential to dry off the corms.

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