Growing Chionodoxa

Closely related to both scillas and hyacinths, the chionodoxas are natives of the mountainous regions of Asia Minor. They are perfectly hardy and are amongst the earliest of lovely spring-flowering bulbous subjects.

Planting can be carried out in October, burying the bulbs 2 in. deep in any good, well-drained soil. They are also excellent in pots or pans.

The following species, all growing 6 or 7 in. high, can be depended upon to give a good show. Chionodoxa luciliae, clear sky blue with white centre; Chionodoxa gigantea, large clear blue flowers with small white centre, and its variety alba, pure white. Chionodoxa sardensis is one of the very brightest and best of all, with rich gentian-blue flowers produced in little sprays.


08. July 2011 by admin
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