Growing Bulbs: Eremurus

With their strap-like leaves and long tail-like flower spikes from which they derive their common name, Foxtail Lilies are ideal subjects for the back of the flower border or shrubbery. They look remarkably well planted in groups, the best effect being produced when they are grown among other plants and shrubs. They do, however, need shelter from strong winds.

Before planting, the soil should be deeply cultivated and rotted manure incorporated about 15 in. down. The crowns should be planted during the period October to December and in severe winter weather, a light covering of straw or bracken is advised. They may be left in their flowering quarters for three or four years before lifting and dividing.

Eremurus bungei has spikes of golden-yellow flowers during July and is 5 to 6 ft. high.

Eremurus himalaicus produces its stately spirals of white flowers with orange anthers during May and June and frequently grows up to 8 ft. tall.

Eremurus robustus elwesianus, which grows up to 10 ft. tall, carries effective spikes of large delicate pink flowers in June. These are just three of several lovely species and varieties.


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