Growing Apricots and Family Trees


Apricots can perfectly well be grown in the UK, but they need to be fan-trained against a south or west wall to be successful.

Their cultivation is as for peaches and nectarines.

growing apricots Oddly enough, even though fewer trees are grown here, some great varieties are offered for sale – of these, Moorpark is the best known, but two new ones from America, Alfred and Farmingdale, are most promising. It is early days yet, however, and they may not prove to be as hardy as the English Moorpark.



A type of tree that is very popular in the smaller gardens of today are what are called Family Trees. Each tree is of one kind of fruit but consists of, usually, three varieties; for example Cox/Grenadier/James Grieve apples.

Clearly these trees are very economical of space and, after a few years, they will carry a useful crop of each variety because the pollination ‘cocktail’ is tailor made.

The only point worth remembering about them is that attention has to be paid to the vigour of each variety so that the stronger ones are not allowed to dominate the tree at the expense of the others.

Remember also that not all varieties always need quite the same pruning for best results.

Apples, pears, plums and cherries are all available as family trees.

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