Growing Alstroemeria

Often known as Peruvian Lilies, these tuberous-rooted perennials are very elegant. From June onwards the leafy stems, which are from 1 to 4 ft. high, bear umbels of richly coloured funnel-shaped flowers.

They prefer a sheltered well-drained position and planting is best done in April. If established plants are given an annual mulching of well-decayed manure in the spring this will not only supply nourishment but will also give some protection from frost damage.

Excellent as cut flowers, there are many species and varieties including Alstroemeria aurantiaca lutea, yellow spotted carmine; Alstroemeria pelegrina, clear pink; and Alstroemeria haemantha, blood red. There are several named orange forms and the hybrids of Alstroemeria ligtu are exceptional in that they provide exquisite shades of pink, orange, yellow and carmine.


08. July 2011 by admin
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