Gardening Tools of the Trade

There’s an old old saying that it’s a bad workman who blames his tools. That really isn’t fair on the workman, or the tools. You just simply would not expect the plumber to do a good job if his only tools were a needle, thread and scissors, any more than you would expect your tailor to do a good job if his only tools were a spanner and blowlamp. So don’t expect to do a good job in your garden if you only arm yourself with a teaspoon and a buckled fork.

There are two ways of looking at buying gardening tools. You can either buy just sufficient tools to do the job – or you buy tools specifically to impress the people next door. If you want to do that, just go to your garden centre and buy every manual, mechanical and electrical tool, device or gadget you can find. You’ll never use three-quarters of them.

The tool kit we show is a basic tool kit, designed to do a basic job. Basic the kit may be, but there’re enough tools there to see you through all your gardening needs for the next forty years. The important thing is to pay prices in the higher rather than the cheaper range, and to buy tools that feel right to you.

Here’s a run-down on the tools you need:

1. Garden shears, for trimming new grass, clipping hedges.

2. Watering can – for watering almost everything.

3. Lawn mower – for mowing grass.

4. Dibbler, for planting seeds and marking lines.

5. Pruning shears/ secateurs – for trimming plants.

6. Trowel, for taking out small holes in the ground for planting purposes.

7. Spade, for all basic digging.

8. Fork, for lighter digging, turning compost and so on.

9. Hoe, for keeping weeds down. 10. Rake, for working the surface of soil into a fine seedbed, removing stones and so on. Plus one good general gardening manual.

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