Garden Pests – Thrips and Ants


This pest, also known as the thunder-fly, is a serious menace both under glass and in the open garden, especially during hot, dry summers. The flies swarm over all parts of the tree, distorting the young tender shoots; they suck the chlorophyll out of the leaves and, by burrowing into the heart of the buds, cause the malformation of the bloom.

DDT as a spray or dust is most effective, but as a precaution against the malformation of buds it must be used immediately the buds begin to form to prevent the insects from getting into the bloom, where they are safe. Varieties of the Ophelia family are very prone to attack.


Although normally looked upon simply as a nuisance, ants can cause the death of trees by making air pockets round the roots with their nest and runs.

If greenfly and other aphides are destroyed, it will reduce the nuisance of the ants swarming over the plants. It is better, however, to destroy their nests with carbon disulphide. Make a number of holes in the soil where the ants are known to be present, and pour into each hole about ½ of a fluid ounce of the liquid. Then close the holes to conserve the fumes. Take care not to pour the liquid directly on to the roots.

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