Garden Annuals for Naturalizing

It is not generally appreciated that annuals are ideal plants for naturalizing or broadcast sowing. This is often how they grow in their natural habitat, and by using this method some striking effects can be achieved at very little cost, an item of some consequence these days. Obviously it is not practicable to naturalize in a very small garden, but such sites as a paddock, the edge of a wood, banks of a stream or pond, and any area of rough grassland are ideal; while as a temporary measure whole areas of a moderately sized garden could be treated in such a way. I have sometimes seen the method employed in public parks, when turf has been removed for using in other places, and instead of leaving the position bare, annuals have been sown broadcast. Considerable quantities of seed are necessary for such work, and home-gathered seed is of particular value for this purpose.

The preparation of the site is an easy matter. Grass, turf, coarse weeds, etc., should be removed and the land well dug or ploughed in autumn, during the winter or very early spring. If some manure or rotted leaf-soil can be spread over the site before digging, this will be an advantage. In March or April rake the ground to obtain as fine a surface as possible, and then sow the chosen seed broadcast, by hand. Under such conditions thinning out will not be necessary or even possible, so seeds should be sown more thinly than is usual. An excellent way to ensure thin sowing and even spacing is to mix the seed with double the amount of dry sand, and then scatter this mixture over the site. Seeds can be covered by raking them into the surface.

When big areas are treated in this way, weeding will not be practicable, and it will be sufficient to remove any big, coarse weeds, such as docks and nettles. Some of these can be dealt with by using selective weed-killers.

The most suitable annuals for naturalizing are: Asters, Eschscholzias, Marigolds, Petunias and Poppies.

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