Dracaena (Liliaceae)

Dracaena sanderi (variegated dragon tree)

origin: Congo.

Quite unlike the many other varieties of dracaena. The leaves, about 1 in. across and 6 to 8 in. long, grow at intervals from the straight stem rather like wheat. The centre of the leaf is greyish-green and the margin ivory-cream. An intermediate plant requiring semi-shade, a temperature of 50 to 60° F. (10 to 16° C.) and sufficient water to keep the soil evenly moist.  Often used in mixed arrangements.

D.    terminalis (syn. Cordyline termmalis) (flaming dragon tree, tree of kings)

origin: India, Malaya, Polynesia.

English: Dracaena marginata (variegated leaves...

English: Dracaena marginata (variegated leaves). Location: Maui, Haiku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This plant is essentially delicate, requiring greenhouse conditions, but it will tolerate home conditions for many months, and in a mixed arrangement may last for a year. The colouring of the leaves ranges from irregular patterns of bright red and green to pale pink and green.

Plants 4 to 2 ft. high are usually available in 5-in. pots. They should be placed in a light position out of direct sunlight, or in semi-shade. Ideally, they should be in a temperature of 60° F. (16° C), but they will withstand temperatures down to 50° F. (10° C). Keep evenly moist and provide humidity if possible by plunging in peat or by placing in a mixed arrangement.

This species is prone to attack by red spider, especially when it is in a hot, dry atmosphere.

D.I. Tricolor, has broad leaves with large areas of cream on green and vivid flashes of bright pink.

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