(D=deciduous leaf-losing)

There are so many brooms available that selection is very much a matter of personal choice from nurserymen’s stocks.

These pea-flowered shrubs often have fragrant flowers in early summer, sometimes in one colour but frequently with parts of the flower in different colours, such as yellow and crimson. All thrive in full sun and dry, stony soils. Plant out when young from pots, from October to December. Among the best are:

Cytisus albus, 10 ft., white flowers.

C.  baltandieri, 10 to 12 ft., silvery leaves and thick spikes of yellow flowers.

C.  Johnson’s Crimson, 6 ft., crimson flowers.

C.  kewensis, 1 ft. or more, 4 or 5 ft. across, pale yellow flowers, a lovely dwarf kind.

C.  Lord Lambourne, 5 ft., crimson and cream flowers.

C.  Porlock, 2 to 4 ft., fragrant yellow flowers, but not hardy everywhere.

C.  praecox, 6 ft., yellow and cream.

C.  scoparius, 5 to 10 ft., the common yellow broom, flowering a little earlier than other kinds, from April to July.


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