Coriopsis Grandiflora

Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Early Sunrise’ 

This is an easily-grown plant for a sunny spot; although perennial in its native Central and Southern USA, in the UK, it is often short-lived, disappearing after about three years. As a plant for container use, C. g. ‘Early Sunrise’ should be used as an annual. The bright yellow Daisy flowers provide a continuous splash of colour from June through to September. The plant flowers well in its first Summer when grown from seed. This plant is fully frost-hardy: in regions with J really cold winters, take cuttings in Summer and overwinter them, or treat it as an annual, replacing each Spring. Seed needs 15-21°C (60-70°F) to germinate. 

While this plant needs full sun to flower well, it will not be tolerated if the roots are allowed to dry out. Tub-grown plants need a good root-run to thrive and should be grown in large containers. Seed needs light to germinate and should be surface-sown. 

Water well throughout the growing season, and at other times of the year, give enough water to keep the roots moist. Container-grown plants may need water two or three times a day in hot sunshine. This plant prefers dry air, and no additional humidity is required. If treated as an annual and grown in fresh compost, no feed will be required until two months after planting; thereafter, feed every ten days with a proprietary plant food. Permanent plantings will benefit from a general-purpose feed in late Spring, followed by a liquid feed every ten days during the growing period. 

If used as an annual, this plant will not require repotting. Longer-term plants can be left in situ for about three years, then if they survive, they can be lifted, divided and repotted; discard any really old roots. This plant needs moisture-retentive soil: grow in well-prepared garden borders or in a loam-based compost. In both instances, incorporate some peat before planting. 

Sow seed indoors in February and grow-on in a cool, frost-free environment. Harden-off the plants gradually and plant out at the end of May. Water well for the first 2-3 weeks. 


Fungal diseases

In cool, damp parts of the UK, Grey Mould or Downy Mildew may prove a  problem; in hot, dry Summers, Powdery Mildew will dust the leaves. Use a fungicide to control any outbreaks.

Aphids will cluster around the flower buds: eradicate with a suitable insecticide.


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