These are bulbs which will thrive almost anywhere, in sun or partial shade and in any well-drained soil. During July and August they bear a profusion of starry flowers and produce a delightful effect when planted in quantity in herbaceous borders, the rock garden, in odd corners or in a special plot reserved for cutting. No special culture is needed and they grow vigorously, increasing well if left undisturbed for several years. To keep the bulbs in good condition, the clumps should be lifted and divided every third year. Plant 4 in. deep and allow at least 3 in. between the bulbs.

Camassia cusickii has pale lavender-blue star-shaped flowers on 2-ft. stems and forms a rosette of glaucous-green foliage. Camassia esculenta has graceful 18-in. spikes of rich blue flowers while Camassia leichtlinii is a striking brilliant blue on 3-ft. stems.


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