Calendar of Garden Work for July

A rewarding month for those who made an early start in spring. Continue to pick soft fruit and preserve it and make regular harvests of vegetables so as to use them in a young condition.


Take soft-wood cuttings of shrubs and alpines, using the new growth, and dibble them into sandy compost in a frame or round the rims of pots.

Take pipings of garden pinks and insert them into pots of sandy compost.

Keep them just moist until rooted.

Bud roses according to the details given in Propagation and Roses.

Layer border carnations by cutting the stems of non-flowering shoots at a joint and pegging them down in the soil.

If any clumps of June-flowering irises have spread too far, reduce their size by dividing them. Cut off the rhizomes, trim the leaves to a 5-in. Fan and replant so that the rhizomes rest on the soil.

Feed and top dress plants in window-boxes, tubs and hanging baskets and remove dead flower heads to maintain a good display.

Water wall plants well if there has been no rain, and renew mulches of well-rotted leaves or old compost.

Plant colchicums in the latter part of the month.


Lift shallots and autumn-sown onions and lay them on the surface of the soil for a few clays to dry, before storing them. Let the roots get plenty of light and air.

Pick broad beans as ready and put the haulms on the compost heap. Pork over the ground where they have been.

Continue to pick peas and, as soon as they are harvested, clear the haulms away and add them to the compost heap. Gather herbs for drying. Do this on a dry day and towards the middle of the day when there is no moisture on the plants. Place them in a shallow box to carry them into the house to prepare them for drying.

Sow seeds of winter radish. These store well and can make a welcome change as a vegetable during the shortest days. Lift early varieties of potato. In the north, sow seeds of spring cabbage about the middle of the month.

The last sowings of summer lettuce should be made by the middle of the month.

In a good summer last sowings of peas can be made for a late crop.

In colder parts of the country, winter turnips should be sown by the middle of the month.

Give plenty of water to cucumbers in frames and marrows out-of-doors.

The yield from beans will be improved if the plants are watered well with weak liquid feed.

Remove side shoots from tomato plants and stake well. Spray outdoor tomato plants and potatoes with Bordeaux mixture as a preventive against blight. Plant out April-sown coleworts.


To reduce damage to plums and other stone fruit at the end of the month and during August, destroy any wasps’ nests that are being built, by placing a handful of derris dust on each hole. If silver leaf disease appears on plum trees remove and burn infected parts. Paint over the scars with a white lead paint to prevent reentry of the fungus spores.

Prune cherries and apricots grown as wall plants; summer prune apples and pears grown as cordons.

Remove straw from strawberry beds. Begin to propagate from good runners, pegging down the little plants as they appear, either directly into the soil or in 3-in. pots sunk into the soil for later forcing. Cut off unwanted runners.

Pick currants, raspberries and gooseberries as they are ready, and preserve them.


Chrysanthemums and tomatoes in pots and in borders will need stopping and feeding regularly. It may be necessary to provide them with additional shade during the day. Paper or butter muslin sheets are suitable.

Put cuttings of pelargoniums round the edges of pots filled with silver sand and keep them in a cool or cold house or frame to strike.

Pot on primulas sown during the last two or three months and sow cinerarias for display next spring, pricking them off as soon as they have germinated.

Watch out for signs of red spider on peaches and nectarines. Ventilate the house more freely once the trees have finished cropping.

Take cuttings of fuchsias.

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