(Maranlaceae) origin: Brazil

One of the few calatheas to tolerate home conditions. Its lance-shaped leaves, about 7 in. long and I in. wide, lie flat by day and stand erect at night. They are medium green in colour with irregular variegation along the centre rib. The underside of the leaf is purple.

English: A photograph of Calathea louisae.

English: A photograph of Calathea louisae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The plant likes deep shade, and the leaves curl up and turn brown at the edges if exposed to too much light. It prefers warmth and as much humidity as possible. In winter this can be provided by standing the plant in its pot on a stand or block of wood in a bowl of hot water several times a week. The rising steam will provide the necessary humidity, but do not let the hot water touch the pot or the roots will be damaged.

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