Blackberry : Rubus

Blackberry, a woody, rambling shrub also belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is best to choose thornless varieties for growing in containers because the fruit is easier to pick. The black fruit is ready to pick from late-summer to early autumn.

Blackberry fruits

Blackberry fruits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before filling the container with fertile, well-drained soil, line the bottom with a layer of drainage material such as pieces of broken clay pots. Blackberries grow best in sun or partial shade where they will be sheltered from cold winter winds. They need plenty of water and weekly applications of fertilizer during the growing season.

Cut the shrub back to 30-40 cm (12-16 in) after planting. Blackberries produce fruit on the previous year’s canes. This is why all the canes that have produced fruit are cut back after fruiting. Blackberries usually need some kind of support and if left outdoors during winter, they must well protected against the cold.

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