(Deciduous – leaf losing)

Aristolochia macrophylla (Dutchman’s pipe), a rampant twiner. The large heart-shaped or kidney-shaped leaves are attractive. It blooms at midsummer but the green and yellowish-brown flowers, tubular in shape and bent like a meerschaum pipe, are unusual rather than colourful. A warm wall is preferable. Plant either in October or November or not until March. Because it produces such rampant long growths it is suitable for a pergola, and is often chosen to grow at the foot of a tall tree, where the growths can climb among the branches.

English: Face of Aristolochia littoralis (Cali...

English: Face of Aristolochia littoralis (Calico Flower, Elegant Dutchman’s Pipe) on University of Hawaii at Manoa campus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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