Aralia Sieboldii (syn. Fatsia Japonica) (Castor Oil Plant)

(Araliaceae) origin: Japan

One of the easiest house plants, which can also be grown out-of-doors in a sheltered position. The leaves are large and shaped like the palm of a hand, with seven to nine lobes. Frequent feeding when in active growth keeps the Leaves a good dark green. Attractive when about 1-1/2 to 2 ft. high in a 5-in. pot. Prefers semi-shade, but can be gradually acclimatized to almost full light. Keep well watered in summer, but give less water in winter.

Aralia s. Variegata. An intermediate plant, more delicate than the green-leaved variety. The variegation occurs at the tips of the lobes and leaf edges. In com mon with all variegated forms of plant, it can be propagated only from cuttings, otherwise the leaf markings are lost.

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