(Araceae) origin: Costa Rica

An intermediate plant requiring some skill in cultivation, and one of the few grown for its flowers rather than its foliage. Brilliant scarlet flowers 9 to 12 in. high push up through the lance-shaped, dark green leaves, which are about 6 to 8 in. tall.

English: Anthurium scherzerianum inflorescence...

English: Anthurium scherzerianum inflorescence, located indoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The spathe of the flower is similar in shape to a painter’s palette, and the spadix, often curled like a corkscrew, stands stiff and erect from the upper end of the spathe like a paint brush fixed in the palette. To flower, the plant requires high temperatures (minimum 60° F. or 16° C), great humidity, and shade. It also needs good drainage, and potting in an open-textured soil. Water frequently in hot weather or if in a hot dry room. Less water is required in winter, but never let the plant dry out. Always use rainwater for this variety, as hard water may cause the leaves to turn yellow. 

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