All About Snowflakes (Leucojum)

The leucojums or Snowflakes are of easy culture, thriving in good, moist yet well-drained sandy soil. The smaller varieties are ideal in little groups in the rock garden or in the front of the border but they are really seen at their best in grass or among some dwarf-growing carpeting subject.

Leucojum aestivum, best known as the Summer Snowflake, is probably the widest grown of all the species. Sometimes to be found growing wild in this country, it forms a handsome plant with 18-in. Flower spikes in April and May. The elegant, drooping white flowers which have green tips are about 1 in. long and are greatly prized for cutting. Of the same height and blooming at the same time is the variety Gravetye, a greatly improved form, which is larger and more refined than the type.

Leucojum vernum, the Spring Snowflake, is probably the finest of all and is to be found naturalised in some parts of the country. It grows about 6 in. high and for this reason is sometimes mistaken for a snowdrop, although there is a considerable difference in appearance. The sweet-scented flowers of this leucojum are more open and of better shape, each pointed petal being tipped with green making it most attractive. True to its name, it flowers in February and March, although blooms can sometimes be found on established clumps in late January.

Leucojum autumnale, growing 8 in. tall, is not so hardy as those previously mentioned and needs to be planted in very favourable positions. The bulbs are small, and the very thin leaves do not develop until the white, five-petalled flowers, which are lightly tinted pink, are passing over in August.

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