A Year in Your Garden Through the Seasons

Every gardener’s ideal, surely, is to look out on a garden of year-round colour and greenery – beautiful blooms ranged beside sturdy, fruit-bearing shrubs, and a kitchen garden producing a rich harvest of succulent vegetables. But, to be practical, successful gardening is gardening according to the seasons. The Gardening Bible aims to help you achieve ideal results by a careful appreciation of climate and weather, and not merely by applying a rigid monthly schedule.

Weather and climate, which effectively govern the seasons, are not the only vital factors. The condition of the soil is also important. Very few gardens have a humus-rich loam with a perfectly balanced mixture of plant foods, but you can work towards the ideal by adding compost and fertilizers. Regular watering is also a fundamental requirement. Going short of water means going short of food too, so all the right nutrients will not help if there is not enough moisture.

Choose the correct position for your plants as the seasonal planting times come round. Taking account of particular needs for sun, shade and degree of shelter will give the plants the chance they need to show their best. Starting with good stock is also important: strong plants are much more resistant to pests and diseases, and this reduces the need for chemical control.

In the kitchen garden section of this website you will find advice on how to get bumper crops – and nourishing produce on the kitchen table. It includes staples, such as potatoes, as well as the exotics – artichokes and asparagus for example. The flower garden chapters help you create a perennial show of colour, and also cover special features such as rock gardens and ponds, which give a garden its own special character. The third section, on shrubs and trees, ranges from the many beautiful varieties of rose, through ornamental bushes and hedging plants, to the delicious harvests that can be obtained from fruit trees.

Each season begins with a summary of jobs to be done, followed by more detailed instructions on planting times and cropping, pruning, pest control and soil balance. The Gardening Bible is not about the mysteries of horticulture. Its theme is that the gardener’s real wisdom lies in common sense and an appreciation of climate and weather – the infinitely variable factors which combine to create the seasons of nature.

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